The best quality stainless steel fittings for Faitem and Faitlam glass.


Types of accessories

Corners, Unions, Hinges, Straps, Towel rails, Pivots and Fixed point accessories.


Glass thicknesses

Minimum 8 mm and Maximum 16 mm.

Hawa Accessory

We are representatives of HAWA, an important Swiss company that offers intelligent solutions in glass placement.


It is a highly flexible glass sliding hardware system with a refined stacking technique.

  • Extremely smooth and quiet movement in curved sections.
  • Plug-in and modular rail system, for radii of various curvatures.
  • Supporting and clamping profile of glass of exceptionally high quality.
  • Covered bearing rails.
  • Minimum space required in the stacking enclosure.

HAWA Junior

Efficient point suspension hardware system keeps your doors as unobtrusive as it is secure and even contributes to bringing fixed windows and doors together in a harmonized joint solution.

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