Ecuadorian company with almost a century of active presence, with permanent investment in the adoption of new technologies, incorporation of better production methods and customer service in all ranges of high-performance glass, from glass for a table to a large building, that allow us to offer innovative products to meet the demand.


High performance glass: people’s security, property protection, fire spread control, comfort and energy efficiency, noise control, ultraviolet ray’ control and energy transmission, define the products that we promote.

Diversification of markets: Architecture, Industrial, Decoration and Automotive.

Regional coverage: 2 plants, 6 commercial offices in Ecuador and 1 in Colombia.


the manufacture of high-performance glass with quality and cutting-edge technology, providing products to meet the needs of customers of white goods, architectural, automotive, sports, and decorative; all in their different applications; looking to be among the best in Latin America. Providing benefits to customers, employees, shareholders and society.


Lead the national and international market with quality, good service and honesty, with high performance glass and related products.

Quality politics

Fairis C.A. company dedicated since 1978 to the process of transformation of high performance flat glass and curved.

  • Oriented to satisfy the demand of our customers through the application of new technologies and the best use of our manufacturing processes.
  • We commit to the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Compliance with quality objectives and applicable legal requirements.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with products that meet technical quality requirements.