FAIRIS, as part of it`s commitment to society, carries out recreational, sports and health activities for its workers and for the community as a whole.

Through this Social Responsibility program, FAIRIS seeks excellence not only in business but also in the Company’s society behavior.

Team Fairis – Adventure team

Since 7 years Fairis has been sponsoring the cycling and adventure team “TEAM FAIRIS”, a project of young dreamers who have been participating in various competitions nationally and internationally, winning the first places in sundry of these events, leaving well in the air the name of our company and our country Ecuador.


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“Danzas”  School of Performing Arts

Since 20 years Fairis has been supporting the learning of Classical and Contemporary Dance as part of its social responsibility program, through “Danzas“, a performing arts school of the city of Ambato.

Learning these disciplines is one of the most complete expressions of art that human beings have, as they connect music and movement in the same time and space.


The foundation “Mujer de Luz” (FML)

In 2018 and 2019 Fairis signed an agreement with the “Mujer de Luz” Foundation or by it`s Spanish acronym (FML), to be able to teach yoga classes to the population in situations of vulnerability in the city of Ambato.

The (FML), is a Chilean foundation created in 2009 to support the integral development of women through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Currently, the FML carries out its activities in 9 countries: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Spain and China.

The joint work between (FML) and FAIRIS is an example of responsible agreements that seek community transformation, based on the principle that personal change has a positive impact on the social environment.

When the one who is strengthened and knows herself is a woman, the change generated is more profound, because when a woman is transformed she benefits not only herself, but also the families and communities that sustain her.

This agreement guaranteed the opportunity for women and men from the city of Ambato to experience, free of charge, the health and character benefits of yoga. In addition, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program, FAIRIS promoted yoga and meditation classes to women deprived of their liberty at the Ambato Social Rehabilitation Center.