In 2013 a group of young lovers of nature and adventure sports come together led by Bernardo Vintimilla, current captain of the team, and go in search of a dream, the dream of participating in the adventure world “Huairasinchi” to be developed In Ecuador in 2014, for this they had to carry out several previous races to be able to classify, so they put together a plan and seek help from private companies. In this year FAIRIS, with its Manager Jorge Luis Jaramillo we decided to support this project, thus creating the Fairis Cycling and Adventure Team “TEAM FAIRIS”, with this badge these young dreamers have been participating to date and winning the first places in various events at national and international level, leaving the name of our company and our country Ecuador high.

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Race: Breck Epic
Contry: EE UU
Date: 16/01/2019
*Juan Córdova Ganador Open 19+ Cat 1
*Jorge Brito Ganador Single Speed
*Bernardo Vintimilla Ganador Máster 30+ Cat 2

Race: Championship Reto Salud Sa.
Country: Ecuador
Date: 22/10/2019
2nd Place in the championship of 3 valid Elite men’s category

Race: Cotopaxi Up 4000
Country: Ecuador
Date: 4/05/2019
Henry Velasco 1er Elite y líder absoluto
Richard Parreño 6to en Elite
Joel Levi Burbano Coral  2do en Máster A
Galo Tamayo Teran 1er Máster B
Kno – Bernardo Vintimilla y Fausto Molina 1er parejas varones

Race: Chimborazo Extremo
Country: Ecuador
Date: 14/04/2019
Richard Parreño 4to en Elite
Jorge Brito 1er Single Speed y 8vo en Elite
Joel Levi Burbano Coral 1er en Máster A
Kno – Bernardo Vintimilla 3er en Máster A
Fausto Molina y Henry Velasco 1er en Parejas varones Master B